Monday, January 9, 2012

Install Azure Appfabric cache Microsoft project code named "velocity" in Workgroup Environment

for work with multiple Velocity host in workgroup environment ,you have to create account with same name in all computer and setting same workgroup in all computer.

1. First set the same workgroup in all computer that you want as velocity host.

Right Click on MyComputer -> Select Properties -> Select Computer Name tab and Click the Change button.

Set the Workgroup Name anything you want,but remember you need to set same Workgroup in all Computer.

setting workgroup

2. Create window user with same Name and same password in all Computer.

create user in all computer

here, there is only two host and i create one user Called Velocity in both host, but you can use multiple host and do same for all,so they have some access to each others. after completing this two steps.its time to start velocity Configuration Storage Setup.

Remember after doing this ,if you install Velocity ,velocity administration tool allow you to access all other host by only from first Host where you install Sql server.so,that mean you have to install velocity also in configuration storage Host(lead host).

See My Next Post for using Sql Server for velocity Configuration Prepare Sql Server to Store Velocity Cluster configuration


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