Wednesday, October 9, 2013

IntelliAdmin network administrator - Control your task remotely

Intelliadmin network administrator is great tools for network administrator. it can make changes to computers over network. It has very useful feature like Disable Usb Storage, Change VNC Password,Kill process,Manage windows services,Enable remote desktop, Reset printer spooler and many more that help administrator to make their task easy.

Download and install network administrator from here

Administrative features

  1. Auto maximize blocker

    In windows 7 when you focus on task minimized programs it automatically maximized. you can disable that feature using this tool.

  2. Autorun disabler

    This tool disable cd-dvd and usb autorun feature on windows.

  3. Disable CD-DVD burning

    This tool disable cd-dvd burning feature of windows and still allowing read-only access to them.

  4. Change network configuration remotely

    When you have 100 of computer for make changes to their network configuration is tedious task. This tool make it easy in few clicks.

  5. List logged on users to remote machine

    This tools help you to get complete list of users that ever logon to the machine including user type and data time they logged in.

  6. Copy folder to remote machines

    What if you have to copy folder to 100 of remote users desktop. This tool make it easy in just few clicks.

  7. Kill process

    This plugin can kill a process by name over the network. Wildcard feature is also available to kill similar prefixed named processes.

  8. Manage windows services remotely

    Start,stop, modify windows services using this plugin.

  9. Logon disclaimer

    Any notification you need to declare to users before they logon. use Logon disclaimer notify them.

  10. Enable Remote desktop

    This plugin csn turn on remote desktop feature in windows, so you can get into the remote machine asap.

  11. Disable control panel remotely

    Use this tool to prevent users from accessing control panel and messing with important settings.

  12. USB flash drive disabler

    use this plugin to disable usb flash drive access while allowing mouse,keyboard and other usb based devices.

  13. Set VNC password remotely

    Want to change vnc server password on 100 or 1000 of computers. network administrator can do it all in one sweep of network.

  14. Reboot or shutdown remote computers

    Use this plugin to reboot,shutdown 1 or more remote computers in few clicks.

  15. Autologon to windows

    set windows to automatically logon with specific username or password.

  16. Change local administrator password remotely

    Changinfg password of single computer is easy. but what if you have 50 of computer for password change. Normally, you walk around to each one and change the password manually. With this plugin you can change it across your network without leaving your chair.

Above listed feature are most commonly used by administrators. There are more plugins available in Intelliadmin Network administrator.

  1. Get the Dell service tag number remotely.
  2. Disable or enable cloud features in Office 2013.
  3. Report amount of free disk space.
  4. Report USB Devices Installed.
  5. Silently install the latest security patches
  6. Send instant messages.
  7. Daylight Saving Time Update.
  8. Set Excel 2007 to save in the older format
  9. Disable Floppy Drives
  10. Block IE 7 Automatic Install
  11. Block IE 8 Automatic Install
  12. Block IE 9 Automatic Install
  13. Disable Offline Files
  14. Change Power Management Settings
  15. Remote Desktop Port Set
  16. Set Background Wallpaper
  17. Word Default Document Set
  18. Disable that pesky “downloaded from the Internet” warning
  19. Share drive mappings with elevated apps
  20. Reset The Printer Spooler remotely.

More and more plugin will be added to make administrators time consuming task easy. If you have any questions regarding plugins use write comment below. thanks...


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