Thursday, October 10, 2013

Printing relate issues in windows

Can't print outlook email contents

due to outlook crash or any reason some time outlook print configuration file getting currupted and if you give print it just sent null to printer and say "Document was sent to printer". but there are no prints in the printer.


Open directory %appdata%\Microsoft\Outlook\.find file named OutlPrnt and rename it OutlPrnt.old. Restart your outlook check problem solve?

Printing not working after print from web pages

Web pages contains picture,text and some embedded contents like flash or videos. at time of printing of web pages printer create cache of content in spool directory. because of embedded content jams, printer spooler hangs and stop printing without message.

  1. Open Run dialog box and type Services.msc
  2. Find service named Printer Spooler, Right click and stop the service.
  3. give delete permissions to %windir%\system32\spool\printers folder. When user print the document, it create temporary file and it could not be deleted if folder does not have delete permission and it creates jam in spooler.
  4. delete all files in current printer folder and start printer spooler service again.

Now give print again and check this solution is work for you or not.

Repeatedly windows firewall crash cause stop network printing

as per microsoft security bulletin MS08-067 some windows version has security vulnerabilies that allow malware or virus to gain access to you system.

This vulnerabilities allow remote code execution if affected system receive crafted RPC request. On windows 2000, windows xp and windows 2003 systems,an attacker could exploit this vulnerabilities without authentication and run arbitrary code to remote system.

Virus on any network systems try to spread through this vulnerabilities crashes the server service repeatedly. Windows server service handle the rpc request and it crash during the attack causing printing and file printer sharing stops working.


Microsoft release security update for this critical vulnerabilities. Visit this page Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-067 and download appropriate security update for your windows may solve your problems.

Hope this solutions help you to solve your problems.

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